Brand Introduction

BAMBOOM bamboo bicycle is originally developed by Suzhou TianjianBamboo Technology   Co., LTD. As a memberof the United Nations global compact, Tianjian is committed to promoting thedevelopment of a new generation of bamboo bicycle, which are greener andlighter and more fashionable. Through the combination of bamboo processing andbicycle design, the company integrates bamboo’s environmental protection,beauty, strength and toughness into the bicycle industrialization.

BAMBOOM bamboo bicycle is a combination of sports leisure and lowcarbon environmental protection. BAMBOOM, use of renewable resources, bamboo asraw material, after cooking-flattening-rolling-cutting machining ,drying,gluing –set of billet –hot –rolling into pipe fitting, it will be combined withhigh-strength lightweight alloy components. Compared with manual bamboo tubebike, the industrialization advantage of BAMBOOM will guide the future trend ofbicycle development.


Brand Connotation



Brand Naming

BAMBOOM meant English “BAMBOO”and“BOOM”, meaning thatthe age of bamboo bicycles. “奔步”is BAMBOOM's transliteration, and the Chinese and English names echo each other.

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