Original bamboo-skin-roll-tube technology

BAMBOOM bamboo bicycle, use of renewable resources, bamboo asraw material, after cooking-flattening-rolling-cutting machining, drying,gluing –set of billet –hot –rolling into high quality bamboo skin. Then, thebamboo skin was made into bamboo tube under high temperature and pressure. Thetoughness of bamboo is good, and better in shock-absorbing. The interior isempty and no metal material is needed to add.


The perfect combination of bamboo and carbon

The joints of frame andfork are made of high quality carbon fiber. The joints are designedspecifically. Then open mold production. The appearance is moreconcise and beautiful. The perfect combination of bamboo will definitely bringyou a brand new cycling experience and turn-heads.


The pursuit of perfection

Each frame needs to becovered with plastic film, glue, baking, polishing, coating, fine grinding,secondary coating, etc. We focus on each technological process and pursue theperfection, for the dedication of the frame like artworks.

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