Q: Is it strong enough for the connection part of bamboo   and light weight aluminum alloy?
 A: This new way of connection is one of our core technology, we used high strength high quality airline standard glue in bonding.

Q: How is the toughness of the bamboo skin pipe and bamboo integrated materials?
A: Because of the particularity of the material, the toughness of bamboo is good, and better in shock-absorbing.

Q: When the frame breaks, is it convenient to remove and repair directly.
A: No.

Q: Do you sell only the whole bicycle?
A: We sell the whole bicycle. We also sell the frame, the fork, and the handlebar.

Q: After using it for a while, whether or not the bamboo tube will be decayed, distorted and vermiculated?
A: That won't happen. Our bamboo through high temperature carbonization processing, to prevent mildew, craze, mycocriny and vermiculated. The joints are also use aviation grade glue, it doesn't happen when the rain gets in and it causes the bicycle to rot. We suggest that don't exposure in the outdoor for a long time, wipe it after rains and conduct regular maintenance.

Q: Is it strong enough?
A: Our frame, fork and handlebar are passed the ISO 4210 test.

Q: Is there any supports like steel tube inside the bamboo tube?
A: The front triangulation of the frame is hollow bamboo tubes, and others are solid. There are no other supports.
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