Warranty policy

               Each Parts warranty period is as follows:
Frame, fork and handlebar (made of bamboo)--- from the date of purchase for 3 years free warranty
Other parts --- from the date of purchase for 1 year free warranty

  Important announcement

               This warranty shall not apply to the following situations:
Man-made sabotage or not in accordance with the instructions to use
Not performed in accordance with the maintenance manual
Damage caused by accidents (such as fire) or natural disasters (Such as the lightning, earthquake, etc)
Through other bicycle repair shop which is not BAMBOOM ensured or individual repair
Products or accessories beyond warranty period
Due to the consumption of consumables, do not properly maintained or replaced in a timely manner, resulting in malfunction or injury of other parts

  Important Notification

           The warranty period of the bicycle (whole bicycle /frame) is calculated from the initial purchase date.
This warranty is valid only within the territory of the People's Republic of China, (Except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). If you want to purchase abroad and obtain the warranty abroad, please contact the local distributor.
The warranty scope, unless otherwise stated, covers all parts of the original assembly whole bicycle and frame.
BAMBOOM is not responsible for the loss and damage of the parts or external electronic equipment you have assembled by yourself.
Please negotiate with the distributor to solve the defective parts.
(If product damage causes by improper transportation or improper use of the user, BAMBOOM will not provide free maintenance warranty service. If maintenance is required, the cost and time will be charged as appropriate.)

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