If bamboo bicycles are exposed to humid air for a long time; or not clean up in time after riding in the rain, mud, snow and other weather conditions; or leather bag or cloth bag long hanging on the frame; or because of collision, caused by bamboo exposed.

The wood wax oil layer on the surface of the bamboo will become rough and dull, even rain water will wet there lead to mildew, not only can not protect the bicycle,but also the aesthetic will be greatly reduced.




The mending suit of the wood wax oil

1. One bottle of 10ml wood wax oil

2. Two dust-free cloth

3. One 240 mesh sandpaper

4. One 400 mesh sandpaper



It is suitable for daily maintenance of all bamboo parts include the frame and the whole bicycle.

The position where bamboo or bamboo frame with the phenomenon of rough, bump or exposed to the air, etc.



1. Bumped frame cause bamboo exposure

2. After riding many times in the rain, mud, snow and other weather conditions.

3. Regular inspection revealed that some of the surface of the bamboo was rough and bare.




1. First, using a clean cloth/ towel to wipe the bamboo position where need to be repaired.

2. Second, sanding with 240 mesh sandpaper to the corresponding position of bamboo tube gently.

3. Third, opening the wood wax oil, and wiping it with the dust-free cloth.

4. Fourth, drying for 3-4 hours, to make sure the wood wax oil is dry.

5. Then, sanding with 400 mesh sandpaper to the corresponding position.

6. Last, drying.

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